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Understanding Portable Ramps

Understanding Portable Ramps

Did you know that portable ramps provide solutions to mobility obstacles? This allows you or your loved ones to not be restricted while traveling. Imagine the places you could go! Keep reading to learn how portable ramps can be beneficial in every situation.

Portable Ramps

We talked about portable ramps in our previous blog, but we wanted to give a quick recap before we jumped in. Portable ramps give you the ability to access buildings or homes without permanent wheelchair ramps. Nowadays, most public buildings and businesses are required to have a permanent wheelchair ramp installed. However, most homes don’t have wheelchair ramps.

Don’t Miss the Special Moments

Picture this — you’re getting ready to attend a family member’s wedding or graduation party. You get to the location and there’s isn’t a wheelchair ramp. What are you supposed to do? Portable wheelchair ramps give you the opportunity to not miss this special moment.

Even if it isn’t a special moment and you’re just going to a friend’s house, having a portable ramp allows you to easily get into their home. With this mobility equipment, you won’t be restricted! Portable ramps are also excellent short-term options if you’re recovering from surgery and only need to use it minimally.

Product Feature: Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Scooter Ramp

When you’re looking for a portable wheelchair ramp, you can’t go wrong with one by Drive Medical! Their single fold portable wheelchair ramp with a carry handle and travel bag is what you need. This portable ramp was designed to be durable and lightweight while allowing you to transition from one height to another. The ramp also has perforated slots that help keep water from collecting on the ramp.

The single fold ramp also comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2’ x 25.5” to 6’ x 26.5” and includes a weight limit of 600 pounds. All ramps, regardless of size, come with a travel bag and a handle to make carrying it extremely easy.

We Can Help With Your Mobility Needs

At Progressive Mobility and Medical, we’re here to help you find the best portable wheelchair ramp that suits your needs and your budget. Whether you’re looking for one that you need to use all the time or just on occasion, our team can help! Call us at 724-228-4568 to schedule a consultation or stop in and see us! We always look forward to seeing our customers!


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