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Everything You Need to Know About Stiltz™ Elevators

Everything You Need to Know About Stiltz™ Elevators

Stiltz Indoor Elevators are one of the best solutions for increased mobility in a residential space. We highlighted Stiltz Elevators in a previous blog, but now we want to discuss them in more detail! Here’s what you need to know.

Place Stiltz™ Elevators Anywhere in Your Home

Unlike traditional stair lifts, Stiltz Elevators can be placed anywhere in your home. These elevators are free-standing and require no major structural alterations to your home. Their small footprint only takes up seven square feet of space. Stiltz Elevators can be placed at any angle, giving you an unlimited combination of options. For example, a Stiltz Elevator could be placed in a closet because of how small it is.

With this mobility option, you are given the flexibility and freedom in your home own. This will allow you to age-in-place without losing your independence.

Stiltz™ Elevators Are Quiet

Not only do Stiltz Indoor Elevators take up a small amount of space but they are also quiet! Stiltz doesn’t use hydraulics or vacuum systems but instead a self-contained electric motor. These elevators simply plug into a regular outlet, which also eliminates the need for a machine room or an external pump system.

All Stiltz Elevators also use very little electricity! They either need to be run through a 220v outlet or a 110v outlet. The low power consumption gives you the opportunity to save money but still allows you to be mobile in your home.

Cost and Value

Stiltz Elevators not only use minimal energy consumption, but they can actually increase your home’s value and save you money in the long run! Traditional elevator installations can take several months to remodel your home. With Stiltz Elevators, installation can take as little as one day! All-in-all, this allows you to stay in your home and avoid the stressors of moving while saving time and money.

Remote Controls

Carrying heavy items up and down stairs can be a challenge when you have limited mobility. However, Stiltz Elevators can help with the heavy lifting! The standard remote controls allow you to move items up and down with ease. Whatever you need a helping hand with, the Stiltz Elevator has your back!

Safety Features

As you can imagine, Stiltz Elevators come with several safety features! The elevators have a backup battery in case the power goes out, full or half-height doors to keep you safe while in the elevator, obstruction sensors and an optional seat and grab bars. These are only some of the safety features! Watch this video to learn more.

We Can Help!

At Progressive Mobility & Medical, we can help you find the best mobility solution for your home! Give us a call today at 724-228-4568 to learn more about Stiltz Elevators or to schedule a free evaluation with one of our knowledgeable team members. We look forward to speaking with you! 

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