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Everything You Need to Know About Wearing Diabetic Shoes

Everything You Need to Know About Wearing Diabetic Shoes

In our last blog, we highlighted our featured brand of diabetic shoes, Dr. Comfort. Now we’re going to discuss the benefits of wearing diabetic shoes and some tips to keep your feet healthy!

Tips for Diabetic Shoe Wearers

When you have diabetes, it’s important to wear comfortable shoes that will decrease your chance of any foot problems. The main benefit of wearing diabetic shoes is that they will reduce any discomfort you have experience and help stop foot problems in their tracks. But wearing diabetic shoes isn’t the only thing you can do to prevent problems. Here’s what else you can do:

Check your feet. You may look at your feet daily, but do you really check them? Spending a minute looking for any minor cuts, bruises or even color changes can help you catch problems before they turn into a larger issue.

Bonus Tip: If you have a difficult time looking at the soles of your feet, use a handheld mirror!

Wash your feet daily. Properly cleaning your feet daily (especially between your toes) can help reduce the possibility of infections. Make sure your feet are dried completely and don’t forget to use lotion to keep your skin from cracking.

Move your feet. We know that diabetes can sometimes make it difficult to walk, but it’s essential that you keep your feet moving so your blood can circulate. Something as simple as putting your feet up while you’re sitting or wiggling your toes for a few minutes are a couple things you can do. And if you like sitting with your legs crossed, make sure to uncross them so you get can proper blood flow to your feet.

Finding the Right Diabetic Shoes

After you and your doctor have decided that diabetic shoes are right for you, how do you know where to begin? Don’t worry, we have some tips that can help:

  • Every foot is different, so if you can’t find a pre-made pair of diabetic shoes, you can always have a pair professionally made. This custom-made shoe will actually contour to your feet better, giving you a more comfortable fit.
  • Look for shoes with laces that can be loosened. Since diabetic feet tend to swell, you’ll want some extra room in case you need to loosen them during your day.
  • Go shopping late in the day. As mentioned above, diabetic feet swell, especially as you get later into the day. When you go shopping in the afternoon or evening, this helps you choose a pair of shoes that will fit you all throughout the day. Remember to wear socks with the average thickness you usually wear, too!

Purchasing diabetic shoes can be a little confusing, but we’re here to help! At Progressive Mobility & Medical, we sell Dr. Comfort diabetic shoes (the best on the market). Call us today at 724-228-4568 to learn more about this featured brand or stop in today to check them out for yourself!