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Why a Homecare Bed is the Right Solution

Why a Homecare Bed is the Right Solution

Whether you are recovering from surgery or are bed-ridden due to a medical condition, using a homecare bed is an excellent option to provide comfort and ease of care. Here’s why you should consider purchasing one to use at home.

Better Positioning and Improved Circulation

Spending an extended amount of time in bed can cause pressure sores or bed sores. However, a homecare bed allows repositioning and adjustment to the bed, which can decrease the chance of getting bed sores. Not only can homecare beds avoid your risk of bed sores, but it can also increase your circulation! Because of the adjustable features of homecare beds, this allows less pressure on your body, allowing your blood to circulate in a normal fashion.

Assistance by Caregivers

Not only are homecare beds great for the patients using them, but they can also aid the caregivers. Adjusting or elevating patients can cause strain to the caregiver if it’s not done properly, which is where the use of homecare beds can help. This allows the caregiver to improve the quality of care and keep their own body safe from harm.

Paying for Homecare Beds

While purchasing a homecare bed in full may be a little out of your price range, if you qualify for Medicare, they can help with the cost. Basic homecare beds are covered 80 percent under Medicare Part B. However, your doctor must deem the use of a homecare bed necessary and prescribe the use of it in your home before being approved. Medicare may also help cover the cost of certain accessories, such as trapeze bars, mattress covers, and even bedrails.

Options at Progressive Mobility & Medical

At Progressive Mobility, we offer the best of the best when it comes to homecare beds. We sell Drive Medical products because of their commitment to excellence as well as the quality of the products. From basic models including the Delta Ultra Light Full Electric Low Bed to the Prime Care Bed Model P903, we have an option that can suit anyone’s needs.

Homecare beds don’t have to feel like you’re in a hospital, which is why we also sell bed accessories! Options include head and foot boards, various mattress options, rail bumper pads and so much more. These little touches can take your traditional homecare bed to make it feel more like your normal bed.

Do You Have Questions?

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