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Why Invest in a Modular Ramp

Why Invest in a Modular Ramp

Accessing your home shouldn’t be a challenge when you have a power wheelchair or a scooter. With semi-permanent aluminum ramps, commonly known as modular ramps, you can make getting in and out of your home a breeze. Find out why you should consider investing in one today!

What is a Modular Ramp?

Aluminum modular ramps give you a semi-permanent solution to accessing your home. With aluminum ramps, like those provided by Progressive Mobility & Medical, assembly is extremely simple and requires minimal tools. Because there is no permanent construction that takes place with aluminum ramps, unlike permanent wooden ramps, you can easily add on or update the layout of your ramp to fit your needs as they change. You can customize your modular ramp in many ways, and nothing is ever permanent. Need to move? Don’t worry! You can take your ramp with you.

Aluminum Ramps vs. Wooden Ramps

Wooden ramps are a thing of the past. Not only are wooden ramps permanent, but they require a longer time to build and ongoing maintenance to keep them in working order. Aluminum ramps offer so many more benefits including quick installation, low maintenance and easy reconfiguration. Did you know that aluminum ramps don’t require a permit unlike wooden ramps? When you’re wanting to invest in a ramp for your home, aluminum is the way to go.

Modular Ramp Options

At Progressive Mobility & Medical, we care about your safety and your ability to travel with freedom, which is why we offer some of the best mobility equipment on the market. Here are some specifics you should know about modular ramps:

Pathway ® 3G Modular Access System . This aluminum ramp option can include ramps, stairs and platforms, which can be configured in a way to fit the needs of your home. With interchangeable surfaces and handrails, this is an obvious choice when you’re looking for a semi-permanent ramp solution for your residence. This design uses less hardware and no pre-assembly is required. Accessing your home has never been easier.

Progressive Mobility & Medical is Your Go-To

When you’re looking for options to make accessing your home easier, we have the equipment you need. Whether you need for something brand new or you’re wanting to update your current equipment, give us a call at Progressive Mobility & Medical at 724-228-4568 to set up a consultation. Or stop by the store; we’d love to chat with you in person too!

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