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The Best Power Wheelchairs in the Industry

The Best Power Wheelchairs in the Industry

At Progressive Mobility & Medical, we only supply the best technology and equipment that will fulfill your needs. This is why we carry both Permobil and Pride Mobility brand products in our store. Read on to learn about two of the best power wheelchairs on the market and what they can offer you.

Corpus® by Permobil

With an abundance of options on the market, how are you supposed to know which will best fill your needs? Not to worry, Permobil has plenty of options with a variety of features. At Progressive Mobility, we feature Permobil’s power wheelchair line called Corpus. Whether you’re looking for a front wheel or mid-wheel power wheelchair, the Corpus line has you covered. Here are just two options we sell:

  • C500 Corpus 3G Front Wheel Power Wheelchair. The C500 is designed for power. This model is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and can even handle rough terrain. Even if you are adventuring outside, the independent suspension will still provide a smooth ride. With this model, you have the capability to recline 175 degrees. The leg rests were created to provide better support and the arm rests have built-in channels for the cables, which helps avoid messy wires. You can find this model in several different colors and fabrics.
  • M300 Corpus HD Mid Wheel Power Wheelchair. Looking for a heavy-duty power wheelchair? The M300 is what you need. This model was designed to support up to 450 pounds. Not only is this model highly maneuverable but is has strengthened suspension. The sturdy arm and leg rests and wider footplates provide you with additional room and comfort. This power wheelchair is built to handle the rigors of any heavy-duty lifestyle.

Jazzy® Power Chairs by Pride Mobility®

Jazzy power chairs are created for real world use. There are several easily portable options and many robust models that can help you navigate varied terrain. These chairs are physician approved, easy to use, provide excellent maneuverability and are extremely reliable, which is why we feature them prominently at Progressive Mobility. Here are two of the Jazzy power chairs we sell:

  • Jazzy 600. This model provides aggressive performance and maximum stability because of the ATX Active-Trac® Suspension. The compact design allows for a tight turning radius — the tightest in the Jazzy line! The levers are mounted on the side for easy accessibility and the batters are located in the front of the power wheelchair for easy access.
  • Jazzy Elite. You can’t go wrong with this power wheelchair. This model provides the power you need for your active lifestyle. To protect against daily wear and tear, a Jazzy Armor® controller guard is placed on the chair. It includes a larger foot platform and a high-back seat with removable, replaceable foam and vinyl. Ask us about the 13-month extended warranty!

Let Us Help You Choose a Power Wheelchair

We only offer the best of the best at Progressive Mobility & Medical. Stop by or give us a call at 724-228-4568 for a free consultation and to learn more about our power wheelchair options.