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How to Keep Your Entire Home Accessible

How to Keep Your Entire Home Accessible

Accessing different levels of your home can be a challenge if you can no longer safely walk up and down the stairs. Thankfully today we have different options that can be installed in our homes to make every level easy to access. We cover six dependable solutions to consider below. 

Stair Lift

A stair lift is one of the most popular options that you’ve probably seen before on television or in someone’s home. It features a motorized chair that will transport a single person up and down the staircase. Many come in low-profile rail designs that allow plenty of space for your family members to use the stairs too. It can be easily mounted by the base of your steps and can work with any type of stairs. This option is available for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Stiltz™ Indoor Elevator

Stiltz Indoor Elevator has the same concept as a regular elevator but is smaller in size for residential use. This cost-effective, self-supporting option is powered by an intelligent electric motor that can plug into a regular 110v or 220v outlet, similar to your household appliances. This specific type does not need to be fixed to walls, which means that no extra weight will burden your home’s structure. Stiltz offers two sizes: the Duo and the Trio. The Duo can carry a single passenger and the Trio can carry two passengers to the next level in less than thirty seconds. 

Vertical Platform Lift

Just as it sounds, this option lifts you vertically from one floor to the next on a flat platform. Sometimes referred to as a porch lift, this cost-effective option gives wheelchair and scooter users the access they need to access different levels of a home. A vertical platform lift can hold up to 750 pounds and has a maximum lift height of 14 feet. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

A vertical platform lift is ideal when there are only a couple of stairs. A platform raises or lowers, helping your loved one get from the ground to the top of the stairs, or vice versa. This kind of lift can transport both a person and a wheelchair.

Curved Stair Lift

This is another version of a stair lift that provides more accessibility to you if your home has a curved staircase. A curved stair lift provides a smooth, quiet ride when traveling from floor to floor. Both the curved and straight stair lift options are battery powered so that they continue to work during power outages. 

Inclined Platform Lifts

Another popular in-home option is an inclined platform lift. Similar to the vertical platform, this installment moves along the angle of the stairs carrying a person in a wheelchair or scooter. The unit includes fold up ramps and safety arms so that you do not roll off the platform when moving floor to floor. These can fold up when not in use to allow others to access the stairs. 

If you are looking to have any of these solutions installed in your home, contact us at  Progressive Mobility and Medical  today. We not only sell these options, but we also offer full installation services. Visit our  website  today to learn more about these products or give us a call with any questions. 

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